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This blog documents the Spitlers' progress towards the adoption of Xia Ping He (Noah Spitler) from the PR China. It also documents Noah's medical process in pursuit of a total repair to his CHD (congenital heart defect).

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fight Day

Sorry I have not posted all day but it was pretty much packed the whole time. Today was "fight day". I feel like we have been fighting so hard against infection and pain. The problem is that a lot of the pain is being caused by the infection in his incision. I won't give you any details but it is something that I cannot imagine going through. Please just keep praying for those two things very specifically.
The bright spot is that Noah was able to walk twice today and he did so great. There are some of those moments when I see a glimpse of the real Noah. I love to see him smile but I can't make him laugh too much because it hurts his chest too much. Tonight he finally said, "I want to go home". I replied, "I do too but we have to wait until you are completely healed". I do know he is totally tired of the hospital food. They are redoing the cafeteria so the choices for food are very limiting. I am again thankful for the home made food from Elizabeth and her Mom. It is the only food he has eaten in the last three days. He loves it and I do too.
That is really about it for the day. Thanks for the ongoing prayers. I can really feel it. I know we (our whole family) are being prayed for each day. Blessings to you all!!!
PS-I am including a couple of photos of Noah. One is of him in his wagon while we played the Wii in the playroom and the other is of him eating his pop sickle after he had his incision procedure.


Anonymous Mrs.Ruth said...

Keep smiling Noah.I know that it is very difficult to see your child in pain and you can not really do much to help him. We will keep praying for his pain to ease up and that the infection in his incision will be cleared up soon. I am so proud of Noah and how brave he is being.He always has a smile on his face and I know he is ready to get home. I will keep you all in my prayers and tell Noah I love him and think of him everyday. Stay strong Robin and try to rest some. I know you and Noah will be back home soon.You are in my thoughts and prayers.

August 7, 2011 at 11:47 AM  
Blogger angeljoy said...

Robin, I cant imagine being away from home and in such a state of limbo for so long. My heart goes out to you. Please know that I am diligently praying for you, Noah, and the rest of the family.

August 8, 2011 at 8:07 AM  

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