Journey to China

This blog documents the Spitlers' progress towards the adoption of Xia Ping He (Noah Spitler) from the PR China. It also documents Noah's medical process in pursuit of a total repair to his CHD (congenital heart defect).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Father of the Bride"

Yes, it is a funny title for today's blog but I am trying to be creative. Why would I use this title? Well, some of you who have seen the movie will understand the line, "Not so fast George Banks". That is how I felt about today, "Not so fast Noah Spitler". Just when you think you have a clean face with no tubes, something changes. We had a clean face for about one to two days (or was it a day and half?). Noah is still throwing up. He can't even keep down small amounts of ice chips. They have done an echo on his stomach and his chest. They have sent off blood work to see if maybe he is having some kind of pancreas issue. So far the blood work is fine and everything else seems fine. Basically, they have no idea what is causing the problem. Because of this they have put in another feeding tube down his nose, through his stomach and down into his intestines. They are trying to bypass his stomach all together so he can get some nutrients in his body other than through an IV.
Besides all of that, he is doing well. He got out of bed and walked around some more today. He also played his DS game, played on the computer, and worked on some craft projects. He is talking more and cracking the nurses and doctors up with all of his questions. He is truly entertaining everyone who comes in the room. He is also know for trying to trick people into giving him water when he is not supposed to have any. I found out tonight that when his nurse went on break last night he talked another nurse into giving him a bottle of water. She said she walked in and discovered him with the water. He is tricky and he will do what he has to in order to get what he wants. He is a smart boy and not much gets past him. As you can see, we still need a lot of prayers. That is the quick update. Thank you for the prayers and good night.


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