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This blog documents the Spitlers' progress towards the adoption of Xia Ping He (Noah Spitler) from the PR China. It also documents Noah's medical process in pursuit of a total repair to his CHD (congenital heart defect).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Two in Guanzhou

Hello Family and Friends,
We just finished up day two in Guangzhou and I must say things are slowly improving. Pinghe and I started off the day early by having a great breakfast and then going with our guide to the medical clinic. This check up was supposed to occur on Saturday but because of our delayed train ride we missed it. We arrived at the clinic about 8 o'clock and found it to already be quite busy. Our guide, Jason, is great and he was able to talk with the head doctor about Pinghe's medical problem and thus we were able to forgo any shots. This was a huge answer to prayer. This situation does not occur very often for adopted children. Pinghe did get his TB injection and he did pretty good. He cried a little but was a trooper for the rest of examination. Jason even commented to me that he was a very smart little boy. We are finding this to be true more and more as the days go by. We then returned to the hotel and went to play in their playroom. It is a big room with carpet and many toys. Most of the toys are below Pinghe's age but he has enjoyed playing anyway. Some of the pictures on the this post show him in the playroom.
We then spent a lot of time walking around Guangzhou looking at all the beautiful scenery. It is so tropical and lush here. Most of the flowers and plants we have seen are the same plants we have in Georgia. I will add a few more pictures of those on another post.
We went to eat at a Thai restaurant this evening and it had some very exotic foods that included eel and many parts to animals that we don't usually eat. We decided not to venture out and try these kinds of dishes at this time.
We ended the evening with a leisurely walk back to our hotel. They are doing many renovations in Guangzhou right now to prepare for the Asian World Games. Adam and I noticed that a lot of the new construction looks like Savannah with their large fountains and decorative plants. It is very beautiful.
We continue to ask for your prayers for Pinghe. He is doing better but still needs prayers for nap time and bed time. This seems to be the most difficult for him. We try very hard to keep him busy during the day so he isn't so sad but I know when things get quiet for him all he can think about is his foster grandparents. I don't blame him because I too would be sad. It is hard to see this and I hate it for him. It is draining for us all but I know it is a process that he needs to go through. He is making progress in many ways. He is slowly learning how to be a little more gentle and not too rough. He is a boy and don't expect him to act like a girl but there are some issues that have to be directed in a healthy way such as not hitting others just because you want to . He and I were playing a game together tonight and he was so polite and gentle where two or three days ago he was throwing the pieces of the game at others. I also received a spontaneous kiss on the cheek today. It made me so happy. He has also done that with the girls too. This is a very good sign of bonding. He is really starting to get closer to Adam also. Tonight in the playroom we were watching a cartoon and he laid his legs over Adam's legs. This is a sign that he is starting to trust and he wants to have the comfort of touching someone. These are all answers to prayers. Again, this will be a slow process but is so great to see these little gifts from the Lord.
What we know about Pinghe: he loves... hard boiled eggs, sausage links, bacon (with a little salt on top), his DS, the popular goat cartoon here in China, moving his legs, boats, airplanes (of course), his foster family (of course), drawing, sweet milk, ice cream, any kind of meat, the computer, french fries, to be carried where ever he goes (Adam is the main person to carry him, lucky Adam), books, math, going to the swimming pool, throwing things, listening to our electronic translator, riding on a train, candy, fruit, and playing with the girls. This is just some things we know about him so far. There are many more. We continue to look forward to getting to know him even more. Oh, I forgot to mention that he is totally cute and likes to share, most of the time :)
Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. God's blessing to all of you, Robin

I also added one special picture for my Mother-in-law Rita: Yes those ladies are playing Mah Jong. I thought you might enjoy seeing it being played in China.


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