Journey to China

This blog documents the Spitlers' progress towards the adoption of Xia Ping He (Noah Spitler) from the PR China. It also documents Noah's medical process in pursuit of a total repair to his CHD (congenital heart defect).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Good and Some Difficult

We had another up and down day today.  Before I mention that, however, let me say that I know without a doubt that many of you are praying - it is very apparent.   Thank you for bringing up our little boy's name before the Lord. God is stepping in and making it clear something supernatural is happening.  God certainly knows what we need before we even ask, but He also wants us to come ask Him (in prayer) for our needs.  And that's all I understand...the rest is beyond me.
We had a great breakfast this morning.  Noah is really bonding to the girls - in the middle of playing Nintendo, he spontaneously leaned over and gave Olivia a peck on the cheek.  I thought I'd imagined it - but he repeated the kiss about a minute later.  Very cool.  Later that afternoon, Robin took out the camera for a photo and on, "yi, er, san" (1,2,3), Noah leaned over to Madison and gave her a kiss on the cheek!  Sneaky brother - Robin called for a second picture and he repeated the act the second time!  So - I think he really likes having 2 sisters...
We hit the hotel pool again today.  He didn't jump into the water and try to swim (like yesterday) - he was a little more timid, and just sat on the top stair.  We tossed the waterball a lot, and he seemed to have a lot of fun.  The girls certainly did; and I even slipped in a few laps to get some exercise.
Our "difficult" portion included a phone call to the foster family (our social worker did encourage us to allow that on a limited level).  The phone call went well, but shortly afterwards, Noah wanted to call again - and started weeping.  We started thinking, "Wow - this is getting worse, not better - should we put an end to the phone calls?"  Instead, our guide/translator intervened and called the foster family - learned that his bedtime snack schedule is very rigid, and he doesn't like being in the hotel room as much as we've been there.  I also think there's confusion on his part as to why we haven't already flown to the US. (At our meeting yesterday, his foster grandma kept telling him, "You are going to fly all the way to America and then get your heart fixed!") I think he's confused and our guide thinks he thinks he has "done something wrong" and that's why we haven't left yet.
The truth is that we'll finally get Noah's Chinese passport tomorrow at 5:30pm.  We'll then board a 7pm train for Guangzhou.  So - the 3 days of sitting around have been simply to wait for the passport.
Oh - the other good news is that Noah went right to sleep tonight!  Robin gave him his milk and bread, read his Chinese cartoon book with him, and he went to sleep with no crying (a first since Monday).  Again, thank God.
No pictures to post today, sorry - my laptop wouldn't hook up - I'm on the hotel's business center computer.
Tomorrow's train ride should be fun. (We certainly hope!)  12 hours in a 4-bed sleeper car (called a "soft sleeper").  The trains here are very reasonably priced.  Unknown is what kind of food will be available - I understand people get on/off the train and simply sell food as they walk down the aisle.
As you'd guess, we won't have internet until Saturday evening (Saturday morning for you) this will probably be our last blog until Saturday.
Have a great Thursday and look for more info in 48 hours.  Thanks over and over again for your prayers!  Adam
PS. We have read some of your individual message posts, but we cannot reply to them with the internet restrictions here.  Thanks for the notes, as they are very encouraging.  Madison was so happy to hear from her TCS friends!

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Anonymous Lee Mitchell said...

Adam and Family,

We're totally hooked on your blog! We check it every day. May God continue to Bless and Keep you on the remainder of your journey. Carson will be thrilled to have a boy his age to play with. Christy asked me to tell you we have books and lots of clothes to pass along when you're ready. We're looking forward to meeting Noah Spitler very soon!

In Him,


July 22, 2010 at 5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've been following your adventures daily and are glad everything is progressing well. We continue to pray for you all and are very excited to have you back in the good old USA soon! Scott & Family.

July 22, 2010 at 5:57 PM  
Anonymous kim said...

Heyy madison and olivia its alannah and olivia we had fun at camp and i have something for yall but we missed yall!! we were very excited to get to a computer to see pictures of noah.We cant wait to meet him and see yall again. love you guys!!!

July 23, 2010 at 12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Robin and Family, Our family has been so blessed by this blog and following your adventures. The Scott kids are eager to check several times daily "to see how Noah is doing!" I admit that I am brought to tears by the emotional stress that Noah is going through, as well as your family. I can't wait until you get back and we can see all of you. He is adorable and has such a cute personality.
Much love, the Scotts

July 23, 2010 at 2:03 PM  
Anonymous Sonya Harris said...

Hi Robin,
I could not believe it when I decided to check on your blog. It looks like things moved fairly quickly once you got your TA. We are so happy for you all! I showed Lee and Mia the picture of Madison, Olivia, and Noah and they were so excited and wanted to know where you were. They can't wait to meet Noah and see the girls again. We will be praying for Noahs adjustment and grieving process. We loved looking at the pictures and I will definitely be checking in every day now. I think you will like Guangzhou (except for the heat). I know things are going to be very hectic when you get home but when you get a chance give me a call.

July 23, 2010 at 2:54 PM  

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